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Gas Preheaters

Gas Preheaters
Gas Preheaters
Product Code : GP 18
Brand Name : GCE INDIA PVT. LTD.
Product Description

Gas Preheaters

LRX 500,

For preheating of inert and non-corrosive gases, not for flammable gases or oxygen, inlet pressure max. 230 bar/ 3300 psi


  • High performance for gases and liquids
  • Electric protector IP66 (EN 60947)


The LRX is a high performance preheating appliance for the central gas supply. It is delivered fully mounted with 1m cable (3×1.5 mm2) and safety power supply plug. The resistor unit is replaceable (in the factory only) with a protective casing of stainless steel.


The preheating appliance LRX is used to raise the temperature from gases before their entrance in the pressure regulator and to avoid freezing of valves or following equipment. It can also be used to vaporise liquid gases and in particular for use with carbon dioxide, argon and nitrous oxide, as well as with gas mixtures out of non-flammable gases which contain CO2 or argon.

Technical Specifications

Power supply

230 V AC / 50 Hz, 500 W

Protection category

IP 66 (acc. DIN 60947)


1 m cable (3x1.5 mm²)

Outlet temperature

60 °C / 140 °F

Max. % ow rate

At higher then 10 °C / 50 °F
CO2: 10 m³/h / 5.9 SCFM
Argon: 15 m³/h / 8.8 SCFM

Temperature limit:

98 °C


Brass + copper-plated tube Ø 5×8 (500 W)

Dimensions (w×h×l)

approx. 140×105×220 mm


approx. 2.0 kg



GVW 200,

for oxygen and inert gases,

inlet pressure max.315 bar / 4500 psi


  • High efficiency
  • With the safety protection "Equipment as technical work appliance" in accordance with the "Equipment and product safety regulation" (GPSG)


The GVW 250 is delivered with cable including safety power supply plug.


To preheat oxygen and inert gases at high pressures.


  • Electronic scales,
  • for the level metering of gas cylinders,
  • with alarm output for low supply pressure alarm


  • Very flat construction
  • Metering range to 135 kg
  • 0.1 % accuracy and high temperature resistance
  • Fulfills the highest EMV requirements
  • High protection class IP 65 for outdoor use and high humidity
  • 3 alarm outputs on display unit


These electronic scales are delivered together with display unit and connection cable. The indicating device offers 3 alarm outputs to the display unit for the low supply pressure alarm.


For indoor or outdoor use in gas cabinets. The % at design of these scales allows for the installation even under spatially restricted conditions. The high protection class allows for deployment even where heavy condensation occurs. The scales fulfill the highest EMV requirements to guarantee a safe, fault free and exact operation.

Technical Specifications


Measuring range

27 / 45 / 136 kg - 60 / 100 / 300 lbs

Over range limit

115/ 130 / 340 kg

Sensor material, housing

Chrome nickel steel

Working temperature

15 to 50 °C (compensated temperature range)


ATEX, category 3G, EEx nA/nL II C T4 /T5/T6 X

Auxiliary power

15 - 30 DC V

Max. output:

< 30 mA

Signal output:

4 ... 20 mA, 2-wire


  • Contact gauge with inductive contact (KI),
  • For visual and acoustic warning of low gas supply pressure and to monitor the cylinder pressures
  • For inert, combustible, oxidizing and corrosive gases and gas mixtures, nominal pressure maximum 230 bar.


  • Construction conforms to safety regulations EN837-01
  • Switching point is freely adjustable in marked area (45°)
  • Pressure display at location and signal transmission for recording measured data
  • Ex-protection is possible in conjunction with corresponding signal box


These pressure measuring instruments have a robust chrome nickel steel/cooper-zinc-alloy housing in accordance with DIN 16063. When the gas cylinder is empty and by sinking cylinder pressure an inductive contact switch is activated. The switch point, i.e. the pressure level at which the signal should be triggered is freely adjustable within a sector of 45° (at 315 bar type e.g. 38 bar). To set the switch point the pressure level marking is simply adjusted to the desired switch point.


Panel and manifolds can be fitted out with contact gauges as an optional. Contact gauges combine the advantages of a local display with the demand for an electric signal transmission. This allows for - in conjunction with special signal boxes - the optical and acoustic warning signal by low gas supply pressure or the monitoring of the line pressure with freely adjustable threshold.


The polarity must be taken into consideration when connecting as the inductive contact is an active electronic component, The KI 50 can only be operated with a special amplifier.