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Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Product Code : Zen O
Brand Name : GCE
Product Description

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) is a method used to treat patients with chronic stable hypoxaemia,which is often caused by respiratory disorders. The quality and length of life of patients are improved. It is improved in ratio to the oxygen therapy. Zen-O™ is an effective Portable Oxygen Concentrator that gives oxygen to the patients at home as well as when they are on the go.

Features and Benefits:
  • Dual Mode
    • Zen-O™ provides the best of both worlds to the patients. As the patients can alternate between pulse mode oxygen and continuous flow therapy.
  • Simple and Easy To Use
    • Zen-O™ is a simple process. It has been designed by keeping in mind the patients' needs. It is effortless to use with LCD display and intuitive button operation.
  • Responsive To Patient Needs
    • Zen-O™ is known for its advanced patented technology. It can provide up to 2 litres per minute of oxygen in accordance to the patients' needs. It increases the quantity of oxygen automatically and deliver it if the patient's breath rate rises. It is better than those devices that provide a fixed amount of oxygen.
  • Durable and Reliable
    • It is provided with a 15,000 hours of total use or 3 year warranty. It ensures reliability and quality.
  • Easily Replaceable Sieve
    • Zen-O™ has been manufactured with sieve beds, which are replaceable. These beds can be replaced by any home care provider without returning the device to the vendor.
  • Alarm
    • The device is manufactured with different visual and audible alarm prompts like no breath detected, low battery, low oxygen purity and service required.

Technical Data:

Size (WxDxH)

212 mm x 168 mm x 313 mm
(8.3'' x 6.6''x12.3'')


4.66 kg with one 12 cell battery

Power requirements

AC adaptor: 100-240V AC (+/-10%)

50-60 Hz in, 24V DC, 6254 out
DC adaptor: 11.5 – 16V DC in,

19V, 7.9A out


87% - 96% at all settings

Maximum Oxygen

Discharge Preesure

20.5 psi

Inspiratory trigger


-0.12cm / H2O

Humidity range

5% to 93% + 2% non-condensing



5oC (41oF) and 40oC (104oF)


-20oC (-4oF) and 60oC (140oF)


Adjustable in 0.5 increments from 1.0 to 6.0 in pulse mode and from 0.5 to 2.0 in continuous mode

Noise level

38 dB(A) tested to Prüfmethode
14-1 03/2007 MDS-Hi
42 dB(A) tested to ISO 3744

Alarm types

Low oxygen purity

No breath detected

Low battery

Service required

Battery duration

Approx. 4 hours with a single battery or 8 hours with 2 batteries at 18 BPM


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  • Vergeret J.,Brambilla C. and Mounier L. (1989). Portable Oxygen therapy: use and benefit in hypoxaemic COPD patients on long-term oxygen therapy.

Item No. Description:


Zen-OTM concentrator 12 cell


Zen-OTM concentrator 2 battery package


Zen-OTM battery 12 cell


Zen-OTM carry bag


Zen-OTM cart


Zen-OTM DC adapter


POC filter wrench


POC cannula filter pk of 10


Zen-OTM AC power supply w/ EU cord


Zen-OTM AC power supply w/ UK cord


Zen-OTM AC power supply w/US cord